Air Compressor Repairs and Schedule Done Effectively in 4 Steps

Air Compressor Repairs and Schedule Done Effectively in 4 Steps

An air compressor is an expensive unit and this investment should be kept in best working condition. If needed, air compressor repairs should be done to make sure that the unit delivers what is expected of it. Also, servicing need should be a part of every maintenance schedule. If you happen to have this unit, it is a must to start off on the right foot. You need to invest in working compressor.

The Importance of Air Compressors

An air compressor is considered to be the core of a compressed air system. Since breakdown can be so expensive, it is important to avoid air compressor repairs by setting a maintenance and repair schedule so you can guarantee that it will properly work at all times. Here are the 4 steps that you need to keep in mind when doing your maintenance.


It is important that you understand that performing a preventive compressor maintenance schedule is a lot better than fixing a broken air compressor. Thus, it is a must to set a schedule based on the air compressor’s working hours. The compressor should be monitored for a week and estimate the number of hours that it worked. This will be helpful in implementing the right maintenance schedule for wind compressor.


The next step is to apply maintenance items to the compressor on short intervals. It is important to keep the air intake clean, change the compression oil, clean the fuel tank, bleed the condensation valves and tightening all the bolts and nuts of the compressor will be very helpful in maintaining its power and extend its working life.


This step is strongly bonded to the previous step as you will have to check the manual of the compressor in order to find out the best replacement and maintenance schedule. You can combine between both the maximum intervals of maintenance and the usage of wind compressor. For instance, if you heavily used your compressor, it would be better to shorten the intervals. On the other hand, if you are using it occasionally, it would be more economic to extend the intervals.


This is a very important steps since this will be the first defense against a breakdown. You need to monitor the performance of the compressor and implement an emergency maintenance if you think that it is not performing well.

Moreover, the maintenance schedule for an air compressor needs to be regularly updated and its is of equal importance to consider how old the unit is when setting the schedule. Doing these things is very important so you can make the most of your unit. This means that it will be able to function and its best, deliver results, and last for a longer time.