Choosing the Right dangerous goods storage cabinets for Safety

If you work in a facility that requires handling of flammable liquids, then dangerous storage cabinets should be in place for safety. Being in such workplace, you need to understand how dangerous these chemicals can get and thus, proper handling is a must. The majority of industrial fires are actually caused by improper storage or handling of flammable chemicals.

However, it’s a good thing that gas bottles cages and other forms of storage cabinets are now available to ensure that everyone is safe. Below is a guide on how to properly choose the right cabinets for your specific need.

How to Choose the Right Storage Cabinet

Since there is a variety of cabinets available for storing items, you need to figure out which one best fits to your needs and can deliver utmost benefits.

Steel or Poly

The very first thing to do is to figure out whether you need a steel cabinet or one made of polyethylene. In most cases, steel cabinets are the more preferred option. But if you need a gas bottle storage cabinet for pesticides and other aggressive acids, a polyethylene should be chosen.

Right Size

Deciding on whether you want a small or a big one for your cabinets is an important factor to consider. If you just have a few chemicals in small quantities, small cabinets that can hold as much as 2 gallons will fit the bill. On the other hand, facilities often need larger cabinets that can hold up to 120 gallons.

Different Types of Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

It is also equally important to know the types of cabinets available so you can choose which ones are perfect for your requirements. There are basic flammable liquid storage cabinets that come in different sizes and models. This includes tower, regular floor, wall mount, stackable, or under the counter models.

On the other hand, there are special cabinets intended for ink and paint. Other cabinets are for storing acids and corrosive chemicals while others are for pesticides. Lastly, if you intend to store a lot of flammable liquid, you need cabinets big enough to store the entire drum.

Important Features

Be sure that your cabinets have adjustable shelves since the size of the containers may vary through time. Thus, to avoid the hassle of buying new ones, better to have them adjustable.

Your cabinets should also have corrosion resistant coating and enough sump activity to prevent leaking. The seal of approval that confirms that your cabinets have meet the OSHA and NFPA specifications is the most important factor you should never miss.

If you want to spare yourself from choosing the wrong cabinet for your items, then it’s best to consult the experts. Doing so will prevent you from wasting your time, money, and effort.