Deciding for the Best Option: Plasma Cutting Table Vs Laser Cutting Table

Cutting and laser tables is a big help in creating CAD/CAM designs and high-quality parts from different materials and metals. The challenge here is to decide which one to choose. If you are inexperienced using these two. It can be difficult for you to decide. Thus, it’s important to know what a plasma cutting table and laser cutting table is.


Plasma Cutting

A plasma cutting table has been widely used for a long time now, though it has only been refined in the last few years. Plasma cutters in the early years were insufficient and scars and chips were left on the materials, so they were not chosen for precision applications.

In the present time, the technology behind plasma cutting has become more refined. In fact, it is now used by so many companies and shops across the world. By far, it is considered to be one of the most conductive metals like aluminum and stainless steel.


Low Operating Cost

With plasma cutting, you are consuming lesser power when compared to laser cutting. This means that the operational costs will be a lot lower.


Faster Production Rate

It also has a really fast production rate which becomes more evident when you are working with thicker materials which could slow down laser cutters.


Can Cut Thick Materials

Plasma cutting tables could also cut materials that are multiple inches in thickness compared with laser cutters.


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting makes use of a high-powered CO2 in order to cut materials of different types. It has also been used for decades now and is considered to be a great option for manufacturers and shops that need increased flexibility.


Can Cut Different Materials

It is possible to use laser cutting on different types of metals, plastics, wood, and fabric which makes it flexible for various projects.


Accurate and Precise

Lasers also and precise results compared to plasma cutters. Although there are times when they may leave marring or heat scars.


Can be Used for Detailed Works

Lasers are now widely used to add details to a project that has been finished already, including decorations and engraving.


The Best Choice

If you are a business owner who will be using a cutting table in order to create parts out of highly conductive and thick metals, then plasma cutting will definitely be the right choice, especially if it is needed on high volume projects.

On the other hand, if you are looking for precision and versatility, then laser cutting could be the right option for you. You just have to take your time in deciding and comparing these two products then figure out which one is the best for your needs that can offer the best results.