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Finding the Right Swimming Pool Tiles

Building a house or renovating a place can be really exciting especially if you are hands-on about it. From picking the materials to the colors and furniture and fixtures to place on it, you surely have a full load of things you must do. If you happen to also include having a swimming pool in your place, then picking the right swimming pool tiles could also be one of your concerns. Actually, when it comes to floors the list comes really long as there are glass tiles, large format tiles, wooden floors, glazed ceramic tiles and the list just goes on. According to the purpose and durability of the floor, you may have to choose the one that will serve its purpose more than picking it because it looks good.

When it comes to picking the swimming pool tiles, you must always remember to think of choosing one for the long term. The reason why a lot of people are finding it is so hard to choose a pool tile is because they tend to think of what only looks good now and not what will happen to it years after it gets old and worn out already. First of all, take into mind that picking pool tiles is different from choosing a wall tile or floor tile because there are a number of considerations.

Picking the right swimming pool tile is important in order to help you save money not just now but in the long run and save you from having to keep reaping off the tiles and having to spend more on renovations every now and then. First of all consider the tile size because when it comes to maintenance, the tile size really matters. If you choose a large tile size, the less likely will you be needing that much grout or cement to keep it in place compared to going for the other tile patterns that are sized one by one. Also, large pool size seems to be on trend for over the past years so don’t worry too much if it may look outdated. A swimming pool tile sized by 6X6 is good for water line because calcium build up starts on the grout joints and having to clean calcium build up is hard because it can damage the tiles so to lessen this, go for larger pool tiles. You next want to think about the finish of the tile. Finishing for tiles come in a variety there’s the glossy, matte, smooth, abrasive and undulated. So to keep pool tiles last long avoid abrasive finishes as they are hard to clean and more calcium adheres to is. The best option here is the smoother non-undulated swimming pool tiles.

An exciting part for many in choosing swimming pool tiles is the color or shade of the tile. For this part, there is so many to choose from but you must know that the darker color tiles the more dirt and calcium is visible but if you go for the lighter color, less calcium and dirt is seen. Lastly, go for the glass or ceramic swimming pool tiles as they work best for pool tiles.