Pool Tiles Maintenance Tips

Having a swimming pool is a great addition to a home. But we also have to admit, maintaining it can be a challenge. Pool tiles have the tendency to get stained, dirty or dingy which can bring down the overall look and make pool closing activities difficult. Yes, the water in your pool can be sparkling clean and free from any debris, but this becomes useless if it is full of dirty tiles because this is what people will notice.

The moment you start seeing a dingy look in your tile with those unappealing white film in the edges of your pool, or if you have plans of closing the pool for some time and would like to ensure that it stays clean, you need to learn the best ways to clean your tiles.


Get rid of Grime, Scale, and Grease

An effective way to get rid of any build up from the use of lotions and sunscreens and other materials that make the pool dirty is to clean the whole surface with a tile cleaner. Make sure that your cleaner is formulated specifically to be used for home pool tiles.

A vinyl and tile cleaning product specifically for shower and bath use at home is not the same as the one used for spas and pools, so make sure that you read the label well before you use any type of cleaning products.

Tools Needed:

  •         Tile Cleaner Spray
  •         Scrubber or sponge
  •         Manual or automatic pool cleaner
  •         Pumice stone

1.  Pre-Treat Stains

Before you start the full cleaning, you can try to pre-treat any tough stains by scrubbing with tile cleaner spray and using a pool brush or scrubber sponge. This will help remove a significant amount of debris before you turn on the pool cleaner.

2.  Clean Tile and Pool Surface

Unless you prefer to manually scrub the whole surface of the pool, you can use an automatic pool cleaner. A manual tile scrubber that has a pool tile cleaning spray will do the job as well. It can get down to embedded grime and dirt.

3.  Extra Deep Cleaning

If there’s tough calcium build-up and soap scum that cannot be easily removed with a pool cleaner or brush, you can make use of a pumice stone to get rid of the deposits. Then you can go over the area with a tile cleaner to make sure that it is entirely clean. Do not use a tile cleaning product that that is not formulated for pools. Avoid using overly stiff scrubbers or brushes as well as they can scratch the tile or lead to cracks in the surface.

In case you are still having difficulty with buildup and tough stains, then you may need the help of a professional pool cleaner to do the job right.