pool tiles

What’s new in pool tiles?

ceramic tilesBuilding or remodeling your swimming pool in Australia? It is the time to hink BLUE. Blue as deep and bright as the seas dominates the trend in pool tiles this year.

Automatic pool cleaners and advances in water chemical treatments permits new, rich, and durable tiles.

· Glass tiles, for example, enable complex and vivid mosaics in bright colors and creative patterns. Glass tiles make a statement on the swimming or decorative pool bottoms, walls, or edges.

· Saturated tiles bring you a cobalt blue so deep you cannot see bottom. You can choose to vary the finish from matte to glossy and color from noticeably variant or consistently uniform.

· Hand-painted tile offers a creative opportunity to edge or frame your pool. Sandwich the painted tiles between bands of solid color or arrange them to form a mosaic trim.

· Slate tiles are a natural material that as often as not favors grays and mauves woven through shades of blue. The multi-use slate lets you bring your deck into the pool.

· Pebble tiles come in a catalog of color schemes, including aquatic blues and river greens. Here, too, your pool deck can roll over the edge and onto your pool wall.

· Iridescent tiles are meant to reflect sun and sky. The reflections remind you of the light shining through and off water.

It can be tough to select the right color and tile for your pool project. There is the cost factor, of course, but you also have to consider time you have to allow for the crafting involved in special designs or mosaics. But, pool tiles in Australia are trending blue, something you want to see and touch at your local dealer and showroom. Don’t choose your tile without seeing and touching it or talking to your pool contractor.